StolenSpace Gallery
July 14th - Aug 6th, 2023 
Opening Reception July 13th, 6-8 pm
17 Osborn St, London E1 6TD, 
United kingdom

Exhibition Overview
StolenSpace Gallery is delighted to present, 'Be Still, Life,' a group exhibition featuring an exciting range of artists, who have put their stamp on the classic principle of 'still life' art.

We're living is a world where peace, tranquility and 'stillness' is ever diminishing, it's hard to find that stillness when presented with information and technology at our fingertips. With this show we pause time, offer quiet reflection, and a moment to pause and question what we surround ourselves with. 'Be Still, Life' examines still life in our contemporary, and how it has transformed from it's art historical roots to be relevant in today's society: a snap shot of the 'now.'

The term 'still life' traditionally describes a work of art that depicts inanimate objects, either natural or man-made. Motifs such as flowers, fruit, and vases can typically be found in a still life, as well as bones and clocks to express 'Memento Mori,' the inevitability of death. Over time, the genre has been experimented with, diversified, and inclusive of cultural and societal commentary, not just limited to the Western experience. Still life is an expression of a personal kind of history, the objects that we choose to define us and anchor identities, are 'still' representing still life to this day.

The 'Be Still, Life' exhibition brings together 24 artists who capture still life with a fresh perspective, expressing their interpretation through a variety of mediums. Taking influence from their own sub-cultures and experiences, these artworks are a celebration of the pleasures of life, life itself, and taking the moment to be still in our lives today. 

Seattle Art Fair w/ Roq La Rue Gallery
July 27th - July 30th, 2023
Lumen Field Event Center
800 Occidental Ave. S.
Seattle, WA 98134

Seattle Art Fair Overview
Seattle Art Fair, a one-of-a-kind showcase for the vibrant arts community of the Pacific Northwest, and a leading destination for the best in modern and contemporary art, returns to the Lumen Field Event Center for its seventh edition in July 2023. Working alongside Beneficiary Partner Seattle Art Museum, Artistic Director Nato Thompson, and the fair’s dedicated Host Committee, the Seattle Art Fair, founded by the late Paul G. Allen, is a celebrated and productive week bringing together the region’s strong collector base, the Pacific Northwest’s top museums and institutions, and an array of innovative public programming.

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